Back in the Swing

As the weather begins to warm, golf lovers hit the greens. The physical demands of golf are much different from what most people experience in their daily lives, and therefore we should prepare our bodies for the specific physical stresses of golf so we can enjoy the game. Below are some exercises that can be done to prepare your body for tee time.

  • Endurance training - The game of golf is usually played over a three- to five-hour time period, requiring a certain level of endurance. Deadlifts and anterior reaches are good for working on endurance.
  • Joint mobility and stability - The explosive golf swing requires a high level of execution, coordination and power. Try standing with arms hanging at your sides (with or without weights) and gently leaning to one side. Repeat on the other side.
  • Working on the trunk and shoulders - Golfers' ability to turn their shoulders will be determined by the coordinated strength of their core and their ability to rotate through the spine. Various chopping and lifting exercises will help.
  • Training pelvic tilt - If golfers are not conditioned properly, they will begin flexing their spine in order to address the ball, as opposed to hinging at the hip. On all fours, gently arch your back up toward the ceiling as you breathe in. On the exhale, gently push your belly button toward the floor and curve your back in the opposite direction, looking up toward the ceiling.
  • Extra tip: Squat to pick up the ball or to set the ball on the tee instead of bending at the knees. Most golfers will bend and twist a bit to pick the ball out of the cup, which puts a lot of force on the muscles, joints and discs.


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