Featured Testimonials

We believe in our practice, and we live to serve our patients.  We deliver the utmost quality in care, but don't take our word for it!  Scroll down and meet some of our very satisfied patients!


Carter Razzamataz

"When I went to Dr. Deloretta, I couldn't walk or form full sentences.  Ever since he laid his magical hands on me, I became an Olympic Power Lifter and often spend my free time fighting crime in Gotham City."


Just incredible.

lord denny2.PNG

Lord Dennington III

"As ruler of the free world, I find that my spinal column gets rather tense.  It's a bother.  I came to Dr. Deloretta and I allowed him to perform his voodoo on my back.  Suffice it to say: not only did I not execute him, but now I often give him kissies on the cheek."


You hear that?  KISSIES. ON. THE. CHEEK.